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Gilland's Green Valley Pastures

Our Farm

Raising Cattle Responsibly 

 My family raises Wagyu/Angus cows from baby calves to adult cows, from start to finish, here on our 70-acre organic rolling hills pasture farm.


We move our 40–50 cow/calf herd to new fresh pasture everyday through the spring, summer, and fall.


During the winter months they are fed good quality hay or bailage free choice. Redmond salt/mineral and kelp are always available free choice.

Our cows are very healthy and fatten up nicely on pasture with no grain, no added hormones, and no antibiotics.


This makes for delicious healthy steaks, roast, briskets, and hamburger with plenty of beta carotene, Vitamin A, Omega 3, and CLA.


Our cows have plenty of fresh water always, with good shade in the summer and a barn or windbreaks in the winter.


Our animals lead low-stress lives, and they are clean and happy!

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